Lendell's Personal Calling Statement

Biblical Purpose

A Purpose-Driven Life®

"I was planned for God's pleasure, formed for God's family, created to become like Christ, shaped to serve God, and made for a mission."

Core Values

esse quam videri - to be, rather than appear

Love God with All My Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength
Everyday Balance & Integrity through Accountability
Nolan Family, the Most Important Part of My Resume
Disciple-Making of All Nations
Eternal Life Coaching
Living the Abundant Life
Lifetime of Learning and Leading

Passion of Vision


"I see first, second, or third generation followers of Christ in every nation of the world unleashing the power of a focused life as a result of strategic coaching through a purpose-driven life, family, church, seminary, and life purpose coaching center."

Balance of Roles 

a Dynamic Equilibrium

Person – a purpose-driven life
Partner/Parent – a purpose-driven family
Pastor – a purpose-driven church
Professor – a purpose-driven seminary
Purpose Coach – a life purpose coaching center

A Visual Portrait of My Calling

FocusUnleashed Circles